Awesome ideas of things to do in the Yarra Valley

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The Yarra Valley is well-known for being one of the most magical places in Australia.  With spectacular vineyards and wineries covering vast stretches of land, and guided bus tours to transport you from one local delight to the next – there’s plenty to see and do. Not to mention the extensive list of sightseeing activities and events on offer, and it’s likely you’ll always be kept busy on your visit to this iconic region.


Also famous for balloon riding, skydiving and hang gliding, the Yarra Valley has something on offer for everyone (even teenagers). Whether you're a thrill-seeker or like things a little more laid back, this crowd-favourite hotspot comes backed with a multitude of activities for you to choose from.


Here are a few experiences to fill up your bucket list in 2019.


A good drop in good company


Yarra Valley’s winery tours are spoken about across Australia, if not the rest of the globe, with people traveling far and wide to experience the beautiful vineyards first-hand. Sparking elegance and tranquility, these stunning tasting sessions are what the region’s wineries do best. Learn about the process of winemaking and the amount of love and care that's put into each bottle, all the while tasting each magnificent drop. Best of all, you’re given the opportunity to enhance your understanding of flavour and notes, leaving you feeling like a pro.


Get friendly with the locals


There’s no better place to see the array of Australian wildlife than in the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley.  Jump on-board a wildlife tour and be guided through the enchanting forests and bushland encompassing the vicinity. Learn about native wildlife and plants, taking with you new knowledge about our iconic flora and fauna – all the while witnessing it up close and personal.


Explore natural habitats and learn how to make a positive impact on the native bushlands. Find yourself in the presence of some of the oldest trees in the world, swim at beautiful waterholes and take in the scenery from the mountains of the surrounding national parks.


Pro tip: Start your day with a hike or wildlife walk – suitable for all ages and fitness levels. This is the real deal and will give you an unforgettable glimpse of why the area is such a hit.


Fine dining at its best


If you're a foodie, then you’re in safe hands in the Yarra Valley. Showcasing some of the most awarded restaurants in Australia, your taste buds will be overwhelmed by the exquisite tastes and surprises on offer here. With countless food tours available, you'll probably want to wear some loose-fitting pants.


Whether you've visited this region before or are a first-timer, there are activities to keep everyone entertained. The hardest part about your Yarra Valley holiday will be working out your schedule to fit everything in. Oh well, you might just have to extend your stay.


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