Our Pick: Top 5 Great Bus Tours

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13:08 PM

If you're up for an adventure, a well-planned bus tour can take you places you never dreamed, whether your passion is wildlife tours, history tours, winery tours, or food tours.


Bus tours have come a long way in recent years – there’s now more reasons to get on the bus than ever before, including:


  • Checking off everything on your must-see list and still be back in time for tea.
  • No more fighting traffic – focus on seeing more of the great wide world.
  • Visiting off the beaten track places without worrying about pickpockets and con artists.
  • Spending more time exploring and less time schlepping from site to site.
  • Meeting new and interesting people who share your passions.


Here's a list of our top five most fantastic bus tours to add to your travel wish list:


  1. Take an in-depth cultural tour of Egypt’s Nile Valley. Jump on a bus tour in Cairo and head out into the desert to visit Egypt’s unforgettable pyramids and archaeological sites. Visit the Valley of the Kings in air-conditioned comfort, then explore the pyramid complex with a guide who can clue you into the fascinating history of the Pharaohs. Jump on a luxury Nile cruise at Luxor then get picked up from the jetty and deposited back to your hotel for dinner.
  2. Encounter a lion in his natural habitat. African wildlife tours are on everybody’s must-do bucket list. Explore Kruger National Park – the world’s premier wildlife reserve – and get up close and personal with everything from hippopotami to wildebeest. Look a zebra in the eye, size up an elephant family, and marvel at the statuesque giraffes – these are memories to last a lifetime.
  3. Explore Cambodia’s Khmer region. Be like Tomb Raider's Lara Croft - investigate  the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Angkor Wat and temple ruins, experience what local village life is like, visit pristine beaches, enjoy traditional Khmer food and learn more about Cambodia’s history. A Cambodian bus tour will give you access to everything you're looking for and more. 
  4. Join a unique boutique winery tour. A little closer to home, there’s nothing like exploring an award-winning wine and food region to kick back and relax with friends and family. Get exclusive access to cellar doors, enjoy a leisurely lunch of local produce, grab a picnic hamper and enjoy the vineyards and discover your favourite tipple or brew. Our Yarra Valley Bus Tours make it more exciting, informative and more accessible than ever because we take care of the driving while all you need do is have fun.
  5. See European wonderlands in style. Just because you're pressed for time, doesn't mean you can't see everything on your dream itinerary. A bus tour across Europe can be the most convenient way to see the sights in a short time frame – you can fit in ten countries over fourteen days, with all your board and accommodation thrown in. Start by catching the bus in London then head to Paris for a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. Take in the breathtaking views over the Swiss Alps then grab a quintessential Italian feast in beautiful Tuscany. Visit the Colosseum and Vatican then indulge your beer fetish at a traditional Munich bierhaus. With a range of tours to choose from, all of Europe is your oyster.