Winery tours are a great option for any type of event or group of people

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Whether Helen in accounting has an acquired taste for sewing or Mike in sales is more of a “day on the green” kind of guy, sometimes entertaining a group is a challenge. When there’s so many personalities to cater for and interests to pike, where do you even start? Sometimes, the best way to include all kinds of people – introverts, extroverts and the in-between – is through a good, old winery tour.


Wine is one of those things that goes beyond the glass. There’s the way its made, the grapes that are used and the brands behind it. There’s a journey that comes with each sip, and tours allow you to experience this from start to finish – even if you don’t consider yourself a connoisseur.


The top reasons to head out on a winery tour


You can learn the entire process behind wine-making: The internet can tell you a lot of things, but it can’t quite replicate absolutely everything (just yet). Visiting wineries across some of the most iconic regions will give you exciting insights into how that particular location creates their drop and the techniques that come with it. This includes soil use, terrain and even altitude – things you typically wouldn’t think about when you’re sipping away at a party.


You may discover a passion for it: A lot of the time, those in the industry started out on tours when they first realised that it actually really interests them as a genuine passion. You can even make a hobby out of it (no, we’re not talking getting a little too happy every night). Learning how wine is made can give you a much deeper appreciation for it, enough to even inspire you to try your own hand at it.


It’s a great excuse to see the world: Even Helen from accounting might just want to get out and see what the world is all about every now and then. And winery tours are a great way to do that. From one corner of the world to the next, there are various regions that all boast their own unique stories to the industry – from Bulgaria through to the iconic Yarra Valley region right here in Victoria. If you haven’t had a good enough reason to get out and see what’s on offer, this is your chance – and Helen’s.

Explore the different tastes: “They all taste the same to me.”


We’ve all heard it before (and we’re guilty, too), but each drop has a different taste and a unique process that made it what it is in your glass. Exploring this through a tour can show you why you might have more of a love for pinot noir than a shiraz. You never know what you might discover.


See it all in action now


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