Winery Tours are fantastic for team building events

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The boss wants the team to be more productive and create a friendly, more collaborative working environment. What's the best way to make this happen fast. Quick get the team out of the office!


There's a lot of team-building options out there. But the best way to fast track making your team work together in unison is to organise a winery tour.


Nothing brings groups together like great wine and good company. Whether it's at the bar singing karaoke with strangers or a games night with family and friends, wine often brings people closer together.


Yes, at first glance excusing your team from work for an entire day and sending them off to a winery might seem like a lavish way to add to your expenses, and perhaps one your company could do without.  But you couldn't be more wrong.


Why? Because team building events are crucial for sustaining a healthy, productive and enjoyable workplace.  They're an investment in your business' productivity and your people's wellbeing.  Teams always perform better when everyone feels more comfortable in each other's company and able to get along without incident.


And, for a structured get together with a sophisticated twist, winery tours are the perfect way to create goodwill and collaboration.


Get to know each other

The first way to achieve a good working team is to foster more significant interaction and commonality.


Most colleagues never get the chance to discuss non-work related matters when surrounded by the same four walls. A change of scenery may provide the perfect scenario for workers to bond or discover previously unknown connections.


Sampling and learning about all the wineries, breweries, and cider houses you visit on your tour can generate a more natural flow of conversation between team members. Far better than any awkward boardroom icebreaker. 


Build bridges across departments

A winery tour lets workers from different departments become more closely acquainted. Group tours and sit down lunches give team members a chance to embrace their diversity and break down interdepartmental barriers, allowing for a more streamlined, collegiate and collaborative workplace.


Build trust

Over a glass of wine, your team members can put a face and personality to executives and managers they may rarely see during the workweek.

Stepping outside the usual professional relationships helps foster trust between employees and their employers (and vice versa). Learning to relate in a non-work environment takes them out of their comfort zone and opens them to new possibilities.


Boost Morale

A day out with fine wines and delicious meals can boost the morale of all involved, and make your employees feel valued and appreciated. The relaxed and serene environment will create a mental break from a heavy workload, so they will return refreshed and engaged.


Have Fun

Winery tours are simply great fun. You can organise a flexible structure to ensure all team members enjoy their time out of the office, so nobody feels left out. Your employees will appreciate the effort and time you have spent with them, and this will, in turn, pave the way for a more communicative and healthy working environment.


Take your teams on a winery tour and watch how they bond. We promise you and your people will benefit equally.